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26-Nov-10, 00:38
Another cat has turned up amongs the usual strays who come to us every night to be fed.:(

It's difficult to see in the dark but it's a small cat and looks like a tortie.
It's a frightened wee soul.

Sadly, CP don't have room for it just now and hate it being out in this horrible cold weather.
It's wee belly will be full though.

If you know whose cat this might be then please pm me. Just worried that it might be yet another one which has been 'dumped'![evil]

26-Nov-10, 08:24
Hi Liz ,

please contact me on 890818 as he could be our cat from G;lengolly area

26-Nov-10, 13:52
I did notice your post re your cat but this wee cat has been coming to us to be fed before Thursday when yours went missing.


27-Nov-10, 18:20
Hiya Liz,

Long shot but if its got 1/2 a black nose let me know. Mind you Hopkins went missing in April! (always hopeful ;) )

27-Nov-10, 19:12
Can you email me a photo of Hopkins?

You are quite right to stay hopeful!

27-Nov-10, 20:47
Hiya Liz, there's a photo right here on the forum



28-Nov-10, 00:35
Really sorry but the cat coming to us isn't Hopkins.:(

Don't ever give up hope though as cats have been known to come back home after well over a year away. They really are amazing animals. xx

28-Nov-10, 11:24
aaah didnt think it would be but you know me Liz. If there's an outside chance that it's Hops I will bug anyone who finds a Tortie ;):lol:

29-Nov-10, 13:04
Liz what area do you live in?

29-Nov-10, 13:34
I live in Reiss laurzee89.:D

07-Dec-10, 21:51
Long shot, not charlie is it http://forum.caithness.org/showthread.php?t=103587

07-Dec-10, 23:29
Why has he gone missing again?! Afraid I don't think it is him but will have a look if we see it during the daytime again.

08-Dec-10, 20:58
About 10 days ago, Bonnie went for her first walkabout and when my son went up to Minnies crofthouse to look for her, he said he saw 3 cats mainly white. Bonnie would have been one, our neighbours one has white and black but never wanders far, so the 3rd one could have been Charlie, sorry that hes gone missing again.

20-Dec-10, 14:45
yeah he went off again, stayed for a while but think he got another home as been a long time since last seen him