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25-Nov-10, 23:24
f1 valeting services for all your valeting needs a friendly reliable service distance no object.

free quotations.
discounts for elderly-monthly contracts- and disabled persons and also we will do 5 cars for the price of 4 cars only on monthly contracts may consider cheaper multicar valets.

quality work guaranteed everytime.

if you get a cheaper quote elsewere we guarantee to beat your existing quote or match it.

proof of cheaper quotations must be shown.

for more information contact or text Gary on 07845880590 or Malcolm on 07773764065.

or u can alternatively email us at f1valaters2010@fastservice.com

dont hesitate call today and save money on your car valets.

yours sincerly f1valetingservices.:)

25-Nov-10, 23:32
than you very much for your comment we are new to this and are currently working on that part.

yours sincerly f1valetingservices.

26-Nov-10, 01:11
em sorry not yet. if u are closing we will consider buying if u are willing to sell mate.

26-Nov-10, 01:19
as our buisness we do not disclose price list over internet as we give free no obligation quoto over the phone. we are just a bit ov healthy compition for other valeters and are not out to steal other valeters customers as we all have to make a living to survive mate.

yours sincerly f1 valatering service

09-Dec-10, 00:47
Surely a price list on the internet is no different to a quote on the phone?

09-Dec-10, 01:07
Surely a price list on the internet is no different to a quote on the phone?

It's no different what so ever!