View Full Version : STEVEN TAYLOR/ musician

23-Aug-04, 21:52
what a great voice this guy has he was playing in the blackstairs on sat night.does he have a cd for sale????please reply if anyone knows.

23-Aug-04, 22:10
Stevie has a cd of his own stuff floating around just now. In fact i may play some of it on me show on the wireless on Mon night.

Ordinarily i would never give a mates number to a total stranger but seeing as you are one of Stevie's new lady-fans i suppose i could send u a private message with his phone number.

24-Aug-04, 20:55
cheers for your help.his sister is going to see if she can get me a copy.was in touch with her today.thanks anyway

26-Aug-04, 14:25
I was there too - thought he was excellent :D

26-Aug-04, 22:01
does anyone know when and where he is playing again? i don't manage to see him often but when i do it is always excellent entertainment.

28-Aug-04, 00:18
blackstairs in bout 4 wks.thats what his sister told me and shes the roadie!!!!could always fone the stairs and find out!!!he would be brill on stars in their eyes or a similar programme.then all us fans would get the chance to vote for him.