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K dragon
09-Aug-06, 16:59
the live to die society have a short pilot movie coming out called "The Well Dressed Man" its a story of murder betrayel revnge love and the will to survive. it will feature on tvcaithness we hope, but we need a decent response from the viewers, because if the pilot is well recieved then we will make a full feature which is currently being writtn, but for it to go ahead we need to know that their is some intrest.

so i have uploaded the "well dressed man" theme onto myspace site so you can get a feel of whats to come. the theme is a variation on the song hurt, it took two days to record. it was performed by myself and the rythm guitar was performed by george.

we need as much support and feedback as possible please. the pilot will be up soon. hopefully next week. thanks.