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22-Nov-10, 21:31
Authentic Indian Curry Kits for you to cook at home.

i am selling curry kits, they are easy to make anyone can do it and are made using fresh herbs and spices to give you the best flavour possible, great range of curry kits avalible!

by adding a few fresh ingredients you can have a wonderful homemade indian curry in 30 mins! the measurements are shown in 1 potion sizes so perfect if your on your own or have a whole family as you can choose how much to make.

curry kits are 3.99 or 3 for the price of 2 for a 12 portion kit, delivery is free and keep on saving if you purchase more!

curry kits avalible are:

Balti, Bhuna, Chilli Masala, Chinese Curry, Dhansak, Dupiaza, Indian Curry, Jalfrazi/Jalfrezi, Jamaican Curry, Korma, Madras, Phall, Rogan Josh, Tandoori/Tikka, Tikka Masala, Vindaloo

more to be added soon.

i will also be holding curry partys avalible all over caithness, curry partys are free to do!

Holding a curry party with a group of friends is a great way to have fun, not worry about the catering and earn yourself some free curry kits into the bargain.

You pick the venue and date and select a few friends
We will arrange the party with invites for each friend to come, and bring a friend and a bottle.
On the night we will do some cooking demos and tastings early on, take our sales orders and then leave you all to enjoy the night and the curry
You have a great night with your friends and it hardly costs you a thing.
If we make enough sales you will receive a set of party hosts complimentary curry kits
there shall also be a "chillie chalange" and free prize draw!
do you think you can handle an extremely hot chilli paste made with africas hottest chillies and the worlds hottest chillie the naga? take the chalange to find out! prize shall be given to thoses who compleate the challenge

for partys 2-3 weeks advance notice is required

for more information or to place an order contact charlottem66@hotmail.co.uk or phone 01847891249/ 07584626743

or order from me at www.curryparty.co.uk (http://www.curryparty.co.uk) curry rep id charlottem66@curryparty.co.uk

thanks charlotte.

23-Nov-10, 09:55
also able to do hampers you pick what you what in it and i make it up! we have a wide range of spices crockery and more curry kits,

for the full range email charlottem66@hotmail.co.uk

01-Dec-10, 10:01
we are also selling naga chillie sauce.

we will have avalible at a later date

chillie con carne
jerk seasoning
cajun rub
doner kebab
piri piri
chilli sauces

02-Dec-10, 15:42
Hi, I'm quite interested in ordering a couple of kits, but the website isn't too clear on what's included/involved.

Are the sauces provided ready made or do you make them at home with spices provided?

I assume you add your own meat?

06-Dec-10, 11:31
due to package changes its now a 8 portion kit instead of 12

06-Dec-10, 11:59
How many servings in a kit ?

Is there a kit for making onion bhajis

What is in a kit ?

15-Dec-10, 13:42
when ordering curry kits please add in the description on paypal the curry kits you are wanting to purchase as it is not showing up in the email