View Full Version : Insulating a shed

22-Nov-10, 16:58
Has anyone got any ideas of what to insulate a shed with? Or would you just use normal insualtion?

Thanks in advance for any replies :)

Beat Bug
22-Nov-10, 17:07
Sheets of polystyrene should do the trick.

22-Nov-10, 17:10
Good idea... Thank you. Never thought of that :)

22-Nov-10, 17:58
What about sheeps wool for heat, we've used this in the past and found it to be ok,

23-Nov-10, 16:28
Call yourself a shed, I've see tidier stacks of old pallets.........Oh Haud on......

Sorry :roll:

23-Nov-10, 16:59
Layers of cheap bubble wrap . Use a staple gun to attach it.

23-Nov-10, 21:56
mix fresh straw with a bit of clay slip and tamp in between temporary shuttering and the existing wall. Can then be either clay or lime plastered or covered with wood etc... Takes a few weeks to dry but is super cheap, highly insulative, rodent and fire proof and easy to do.