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08-Aug-06, 20:11
Hoping someone out there can give me some advice about my Computer.
When I turn it on, sometimes it sticks at" Welcome" and I have to turn it off completely and try again.
I have tried to delete 360 Pro share but it keeps popping up telling me it has encountered an internal error.
Would that slow PC down?

08-Aug-06, 20:23
Oops!! silly me I've posted in the wrong section.
I never noticed the Technical Support-- that's where I should have put it.

08-Aug-06, 22:16
few questions;

Which version of Windows?

Do you get any specific error message?

Why delete 360 Proshare is it part of the problem?

Have you installed / uninstalled any application in the time the problem started?

Have you tried a System restore ( assumming you are using XP)?

09-Aug-06, 11:32
If its sticking at Welcome then it could be a driver problem/conflict.
But as what Phoebus has asked for would be of some help.

09-Aug-06, 17:05
Find mine does that occasionally, and I don't have that programme in mine.
I just restart and it goes OK the second time................and it has been doing it for as long as I've had it.........so most likely a driver problem.

I'm not inclined to play about with it in case I make it worse, as long as I can still boot to windows with one restart.

Seems to be connected to what is still running when I close down........but I'm too impatient to continually check task manager!

10-Aug-06, 19:19
Thanks all. I tried the system restore and it seems to have worked. At least I'm getting on now without all the hassle.
By the way it is a Windows XP Home edition and it's only one and a half years old .
Thanks again!