View Full Version : Found Jack Russell

08-Aug-06, 19:00

Last night at about 9 pm a gentleman found a young male Jack Russell Dog with a long tail. It was found on the road inbetween Castletown and the Dunnet Bay Caravan Site. He is white with black and brown patches. If you have lost a dog or know someone who has , then please contact Balmore Animal Welfare Centre on 01847861386 Thanks

09-Aug-06, 15:51
Hi attidude9464 -
Any word on the Jack Russell :confused I hope he has been re-united with his owners

09-Aug-06, 18:15

I am afraid not the poor little thing is still waiting for his owner to claim him. He is a gorgeous young dog. Hopefully someone somewhere will be missing him. Thanks for your concern

09-Aug-06, 22:13
maybe his owner is visiting the dunnet caravan park. might be worth informing the park.

09-Aug-06, 22:34
Yes we thought that and we informed the Caravan Park Warden but unfortunately no-one has been looking for him. Lets hope that the owner sees it on here

10-Aug-06, 00:04
have the police been notified incase his owners contact them? I do hope he gets back home soon, poor thing.

10-Aug-06, 17:53
Aaaawww poor wee thing.

Hope his owner comes forward soon.