View Full Version : quiz night, thuursday 13th december 2001

07-Dec-01, 19:03
Quiz will start at 8.30pm GMT. Highlander will start with a deficit of 10 points owing to cheatingat last nights quiz. No protesting highlander, i know you were supplied with an answer by one of your red eyed mates [mad]

07-Dec-01, 22:44
Waaaaaaaaah, it was Meeeeeeeeee, I confess. Gleeber, turn off the spotlight, yer blindin me.

In my defense, let me say that my dear cousin Highlander HAD the correct answer for the capital of Bosnia, but her speeeeelllling was so bad, try after try, that it actually began to hurt my eyes. So I only PMed the correct spelling of the answer, not the answer itself.

Oh Mighty Quizmaster, I will gladly accept the 10 point penalty instead of Highlander. Hecks, you can even ban me from ever winning again. Oh, the pain. -Helen

07-Dec-01, 22:51
My own spelling of sarayevo left a lot to be desired, but i didnt see any pms come through for me. 10 points off you for sexism ht, and another 10 off highlander.

07-Dec-01, 22:52
Well Gleeber, so much for team-playing. I accept the penalty and promise never to tell you that Aztecs are from Mexico again. Heeeeeeeeder LOL Your mate, H

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07-Dec-01, 23:31
WELLLLLLLLLLLLL master gleebs, u know where yea can stick yere 10 points, and yes i have to confess, my dear friend did give me the proper speelin, she let me out my misery as i tried and tried and tried, well at least i have one true friend who will help out a mate in time of needs. :grin:

07-Dec-01, 23:43
Thats another 10 points off, 30 in total

07-Dec-01, 23:47
Good for you Gleeber!!

Can I get a bonus 10 for sticking up for you?

There should be no cheating going on when I'm the Quiz Master!!

However, I'm prepared to overlook it if someone helps me out next week. :)

08-Dec-01, 20:25
(snuggles up to doolally) :grin: can i sit beside u at the quiz please, cos i it gets so lonely sitting on my own, trying to speel all the difficult wordies, and that gleeber he shows me no mercy [evil]

08-Dec-01, 21:10
Shame on you cheaters!!!!! tsk tsk

Doolally... dear, I'm sorry, but I do think that I may very well be younger than you. Did I have any help at the quiz when I was doing it? Nope... all u have do is think that you are superior to them... which you probably are towards some (not I though - for I am most high in superiority ;))

Toodle-pip my dear admirers,

Have a most joyous evening.




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09-Dec-01, 19:20
Highlander dearie, doesnt it break yer heart to see someone's new found power go straight to their heed? Zippy was quizmaster for only one day when he started dishing out negative points. At the rate he's going, we will all be so far into the hole, he will win again by default! Yer mate, Ht

09-Dec-01, 19:22
power? who has power over me???

I thought I had ultimate power over even ghost! ;)

Only teasing!