View Full Version : Blue Monday Gig.....

18-Aug-04, 20:05
We heard that someone is thinkin of putting on a blue monday gig on in the redwood on the 28th of August. We were wondering who mite be organising it and if they need any help.



20-Aug-04, 21:16
Im planning on putting a blue monday on but it wont be till the first weekend in Oct. Ian Sinclair told me to do it if i could as he hasnt the time to just now.

I was going to ask u dudes anyway-u interested? It'll be Duress, u guys, The Ss and possibly one of these bettyhill bands. Possibly Metal Attakk if they can get stevie to learn the words.

Post up if u want to do it.

20-Aug-04, 22:40
yeah, we would be up for, man. Just thought i'd let you know though that you could still put on a blue monday gig when ever,with out blue monday help. As a band did one time before. When putting out posters and stuff, say it is in Association with Blue Monday.This makes people think it's a Blue Monday when it isn't. Worked gr8 last time, as you still pull in a big crowd. Also we could try get help with a P.A system from James sutherland (Music Shop). He is always up for Blue Monday gigs, if he's free.

Give me a shout what you think about this idea. It's just to try get gigs going again. It's been a long time sice there was a really good Blue Monday on.



23-Aug-04, 22:14
I spoke to Ian Sinclair about it, he said that i would be able to use the pa and kit that the 'real' blue monday used. Seems the simplest plan, the gear's there with the offer to use it.

This gig that's happening in the viewfirth with boss hogg et al might mean we'll change the date. I'd rather not step on someone elses toes by putting on a gig the same night etc.