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07-Aug-06, 23:03
Anybody else having problems with vodafone at the moment. I can't top up when i try its coming up PAYT service is not available, can't even check to see what my balance is, my hubby's says the same, so does my pals!!:~(

08-Aug-06, 09:16
Being on contract I wouldn't know. However, I live reasonably close and can make enquiries. I'll post the outcomes here.

08-Aug-06, 09:22
Yes there was a problem over the weekend - it is now sorted and working as it should.

09-Aug-06, 01:43
I had trouble with mine today, couldnt find out my balance and couldnt make calls.

10-Aug-06, 09:04
Vodafone said that there were no known issues. Sorry..:confused