View Full Version : Sea Eagles in Caithness

07-Aug-06, 21:45
On Saturday afternoon I saw three eagles (probably sea eagles) on the ground beside the river halfway between Dalnawillan and Glutt. They got up and didn't move far away.
Not sure whether they were youngsters with an adult in attendance or where they had come from. Are the RSPB still releasing these birds in the area? It seemed unusual to see them together like that and they didn't seem particularly wild.

07-Aug-06, 22:23
I seem to remember recently that there was a report by The RSPB that the Sea Eagles had been sighted in both Caithness and Orkney but they were not aware of any breeding pairs in that area yet.
Not so long ago there was a picture posted of one sighted over near Forss.
It would appear that as the juveniles of the original breeding programme in The Western Isles are maturing they are having to move further north and east to establish new territories.

I shall be watching the sky with renewed interest next time up.
Oh just wondered is there a local name for them? I used the name that I know them by but it may not be common to all of these islands.