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08-Nov-10, 18:20
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HIE Comment in response to Rok Announcement

Highlands and Islands Enterprise has been in contact with Rok's administrators, Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC). We are seeking an early meeting with PwC to discuss both the future of the business as a whole and how we progress specific HIE projects currently being delivered by Rok. ... [Read Full Article (http://www.caithness-business.co.uk/article.php?id=1944)]

17-Nov-10, 21:16
more hot air from hie and no action same thing when we lost caithness glass and it was cut up for scrap

18-Nov-10, 11:01
more hot air from hie and no action same thing when we lost caithness glass and it was cut up for scrap

The ROK situation is a disgrace, only HIE could award 32M worth of work to a company on the verge of bankruptcy and before anyone says it, the 32M would not have even come close to saving ROK. Ask HIE for 10k and youd have Mr or Mrs Jobsworth through your books like the important person thier egos/job allows them to be.

If your business is already sucessful, and you want to expand it they normally dont give you anything (no glory/picture for them), unless that is they've already met you in the hospitality tent at the Halkirk Games or at one of David 'God' Sutherlands (Tullochs) doos.

I dont know much about the Caithness Glass situation but HIE, CASE or whatever must be thee biggest waste of tax payers money ever. A good businessman/woman could spend a day a week in charge and do more good than the 10-15 employees who do god knows what in the Thurso office.

I reckon you could put the top 5 highest earners in the Thurso office home on full pay and take in someone from Stevens, Ashley Ann, Simpsons, Johnstones Bakers, Gunns Lybster, JGC etc for a day a week and the public purse would still be better off as the decisions where the money went would be based on good business sense.

The bad desicions are varied, of different porportions but worse than anything....repetative. I bet you could give everyone of them 50k to start up thier own business and they'd all come back at the end of the year penniless. They jump on the back of every good news story (Subsea 7 etc) which 9.9 times out of 10 they've had no involvment whatsoever.

It would make very interesting reading if a report was published detailing what new businesses have recieved grants etc from CASE in the last 15 years and how many are still here. You only have to speak to sucessful business people who will tell you that HIE/CASE people are actually resentful of sucessful private business people unless of course they are heavily connected with Dounreay (as thats more of our money that can be easlily spent and keeps them in the limelight). Tell me one business in Caithness that is a success due to HIE/CASE involvement......aye your struggling now....and even if there is one....it would never justify the millions thats been spent on complete disastors to which they never ever admit was wrong.

Gravy train indeed!