View Full Version : Help please - Found Dog Camster Area

mop top
08-Nov-10, 12:48

An elderly male collie x possibly german shepherd was found on Friday night in the Camster Breckster area and handed into wick police station. Really hoping that someone is missing this dog and he has not just been dumped, he is obviously sad and pining for his owners, a big gentle giant. He seems quite elderly i would estimate 10 plus, he is collie colouring black with merle patches and has a big strong GS type head. He had a rather muddy collar on when found. If you live in the area and recognise the sound of this dog or know who may have lost him please get in touch he is far too old to be in kennels. Hoping he has just wandered of due to fireworks and his owners will come forward and take him home. Please contact Tec Services on 01955 607737 for more info or to claim him.

Will try to get a photo of him posted up soon.

09-Nov-10, 02:03
Poor old fella...hope his owners come forward and take hime home and give him a good cuddling.

09-Nov-10, 10:48
I hope he is reunited with his owners soon.

mop top
10-Nov-10, 21:41
Delighted to say that Patterson is now back home where he belongs a happy ending.