View Full Version : Whats with all the bugs going at the moment?

08-Nov-10, 11:00
I dont think we have had a day since the start of the October hols without at least 1 person in the house coughing, sneezing, running a temp,complaining of sore ears or a really snotty nose!

08-Nov-10, 13:11
Yeah it's annoying. I've managed to avoid catching a cold most of this year, I'm convinced people are just passing the same cold back and forth. I hate using public transport with people who don't even cover their mouths when they cough. I'd wear a mask if I could put up with the stares.

08-Nov-10, 13:19
Its the sleepless nights thats getting to me...
At least 1 child will come through complaining they are not feeling well or in Euans case howl...
At all hours of the night:eek:
The calpol bottle has been hit hard, trying to keep the kids temps down and stop them feeling so miserable.
Or the sitting in the bathroom steaming a small child at 3am.....so they can breathe easier...
I dont normally succumb to colds and sniffles, but with 3 kids snottering over me at night its hard to avoid catching it this time .... even hubby has had it!

Tilly Teckel
08-Nov-10, 16:10
I have it and am thoroughly miserable because of it! Caught it from my 13 year old son who reckons half the high school has been off with it too... it's gonna be a loooong winter methinks!

08-Nov-10, 16:17
Same here there is always someone ill, if its not a cold its sickness followed by a cold! Definatly going to be a long winter:eek:

08-Nov-10, 16:31
i blame the schools......a breeding ground for it!!! :lol:

08-Nov-10, 16:39
i blame the schools......a breeding ground for it!!! :lol:

High School + Breeding Ground = Babies

08-Nov-10, 17:34
i'm shocked teddybear that you could even think such a thing about all these lovely well behaved children from the high schools. [lol] going back to cold i think it's because it beeen mild and damp which is a breeding ground for bugs. what we need is a week of good hard frosts to kill them all off

08-Nov-10, 17:37
We have all been snuffly for about 2 weeks here - sick of it already!

Thankfully the kids seem to have escaped the worst of it, but its hit me and the husband hard!