View Full Version : Ben Bhraggie

05-Aug-06, 10:04
i was in the ben bhraggie(i'm really sorry if i've spelled that wrong) hotel in golspie and had a lovely meal, i had haddock and chips, nice big portions very tasty,and starwberries and cream to finish very good! there was also the option of freshly shot golspie haggis.....:Razz not to expensive and the staff were very friendly. worth a look!

05-Aug-06, 10:06
:roll: starwberries.... not quite, but the strawberries were nice :P

05-Aug-06, 20:49
yes 'the ben' is very good. saddly the present owners are selling, hopefully next owners will be as good

10-Aug-06, 05:40
hey hey the ben bhraggie... what a gem of a place. my husband and I stay there every year before x-mas... as he plays in a band that always goes up to play the school x-mas ceilidh... never disappointed! recall I had a crackin' garden salad for dinner last time.