View Full Version : ozzy and the mole

05-Nov-10, 22:59
i feel like i'm going to be sick!
ozzy has dug out, killed and half eaten a mole!!
what a state he's in.......
what a state I'M in!!

06-Nov-10, 00:41
Let's hope the half mole stays down or there could be another state to clean up this time....don't ya jes luv doggies[lol]

06-Nov-10, 00:45
the half mole is in the wheelie bin!
after it was left on the doorstep! yuck.
there must be a few moles around as i have about 17 holes in the garden now!
ozzy isnt very bright...lol......so i think he just struck lucky!
if you can call it that [disgust]

07-Nov-10, 00:20
Even cats dont try to eat the moles they catch.....
Just leave them on the doorstop for you to slip on in the morning!

07-Nov-10, 00:25
cats catch moles?
i thought they caught voles?! lol
this was a big mole!!

07-Nov-10, 00:28
trust me I slipped on one this morning.....:lol:
Cat went out at midnight last night...and came back with a pressie!
Now if only I can get him to catch the mice at Laurens nursery....

07-Nov-10, 00:36
eurgh! yuck
i was near sick scraping this carcass up with a spade to put in the bin! lol
i was most suprised he managed to catch one!
ozzy isnt the fastest dog lol