View Full Version : Lost: Scottie dog

02-Nov-10, 20:36
please can you keep a look out for our dog which went missing at 3.00 this afternoon.

he managed to escape when i was putting the bins out,

we are worried sick about him.

we live in the staxigoe area!!!

please pm me if you have any sightings of him, he has his name tag on!!!

02-Nov-10, 20:53
oh no - sorry to hear that! I will take mines out for awalk and see if I can see him. Please let us know if you find him

ps what is his name

02-Nov-10, 20:56
thanks any help very much welcomed, as my kiddies are going out there mind with worry. (as well as me). His name is MAC

02-Nov-10, 21:19
I don't live near you, but I hope Mac turns up safe.

02-Nov-10, 22:47
I hope he turns up safe and sound soon.

02-Nov-10, 23:32
Will keep a look out for him in the morning - let us know if you find him before then.

02-Nov-10, 23:40
thanks everyone!!

hes seems to have just vanished, praying he turns up!!

02-Nov-10, 23:43
Oh I am so, so sorry that Mac has gone missing and know how worried I would be!

Really, really hope you find him soon.

Miss Dizzy
03-Nov-10, 08:32
Sorry to hear about your missing dog. Try putting a notice on Pets at Home's notice board - lots of people look at it. Have you contacted the dog warden? Hoping Mac will be home with you soon none the worse of his adventure!

03-Nov-10, 14:32
Hi would like to let you all know that he is home he was found at 12.00 today he had fallen over the cliff and was stranded on a ledge!! luckyly he isnt to badly hurt, getting him checked over by the vet later.

Would like to give a big thankyou to all who helped me last night its nice to know that people care.

thanks again.

KWK9 Rescue
03-Nov-10, 14:34
Excellent news :D

03-Nov-10, 14:41
Aw that is brilliant news and glad he is okay.:D

03-Nov-10, 14:45
so pleased he is okay - been thinking of you all morning... I bet you he doesnt go near the cliffs again

03-Nov-10, 17:04
So glad Mac has survived is ordeal and safely back home with you all.:)

03-Nov-10, 17:47
What a relieve.

Dont think he'l be so keen to escape next time.:)

03-Nov-10, 17:50
So glad 'Mac' has turned up and hope he gets the all clear from the vet, :)