View Full Version : Saw 3d

02-Nov-10, 18:35

I would be seriously worried about being even slightly related to the mind that is capable of coming up with this.

Having said that, I shall now go back and watch all the others just so I can make sense of this one.

Good film if you like the SAW films. Gorey as expected, related to the others as expected and just as confusing as all the others - as expected.
Still well worth watching though.

03-Nov-10, 17:47
I watched the first 3 saw films and thought they were good, all really well connected but I too worry about the minds that come up with these storylines. I would definately recommend watching the first two.

21-Jan-11, 16:56
I have seen all the SAW films and " SAW the final chapter" is just as good , its pretty pointless watching any SAW films if you have not seen them all though and in the correct order.

28-Mar-11, 14:25
do u have to wear the 3d glasses through saw 3d, i know its a silly question. or do u have too own a 3d tv??