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31-Oct-10, 21:08
We went to the Pavillion on Saturday afternoon and it was terrible, we were so looking forward to homemade soup and a sandwhich.

We went in, it was busy but we got the menus, we decided on 2x soup, a bacon sandwhich a cheese n ham toastie and a chicken mayo sannie.

To begin with our drinks came, then the bread to have with the soup, 10 mins later my hubbys bacon sannie and kids toastie. that was it for a while then my chicken mayo sannie came. THAT WAS IT can you see what was missing here??? SOUP

Anyway before I got my sannie hubby had finished his and we diecided if they dont realise then we aint reminding them, yes they were busy but the place is hardly massive!!

The sandwhiches were terrible, the bread was dry and no sign of butter or marg on them. the mayo on the chicken mayo was chepest of the cheap.

I was dissappointed as we were starving and wanted homemade soup etc.

Well when we went to pay, they didnt realy take on what we said, the young girl laughed and said your kidding, when I said we didnt get our soup. The owner appeared from the kitchen and didnt take us on all she was concened about was what table we were sitting at.

Sad to say but wont be going again, what is it that people find it so hard to give a good quality and service up here, they are trying to make cut backs and they are reflected in the produce, Sadly

31-Oct-10, 22:57
From what i understand both the staff were quite appologetic to you, one was my daughter whos first day it was and anyone who knows her knows shes polite.
Also it seems you have fault with everywhere you go.

31-Oct-10, 23:41
I can't comment on recent service there but I know that I have been several times since it opened and have found it to be very expensive for what I would say was fairly mediocre food. There always seems to be plenty of folk there though so they must be doing something right.

31-Oct-10, 23:44
and we diecided if they dont realise then we aint reminding them

i don't understand why you didn't remind them about the soup, sounds like a simple mistake that could have easily been sorted had you reminded them.

seems like you didn't want them to sort it out :confused

going by your posts (the majority of which are complaints) it seems like you like to have a good old whinge, maybe that's why you didn't remind them to bring your soup, as then you'd have nothing to moan about !

Kevin Milkins
01-Nov-10, 01:43
We have been a few times, but not recently, (we stay at Wick side), but I can never say that I have been disappointed with the food or the service.

I see they are advertising for a part time chef at the moment so perhaps the pressure is on.

01-Nov-10, 11:23
I was there on Saturday with my two girls and I thought it was fantastic!

I thought the service was good from two young very polite members of staff. The place itself was clean.

My two girls had toasties and the youngest was delighted when it came with tortilla chips.

henry horse
01-Nov-10, 20:28
I have eaten in this restaurant many times,i have never had any complaints about food or staff.I ate their on saturday,food and service great as always.

02-Nov-10, 11:00
Have eaten here a few times and been happy with food and service....

but whats the point in moaning on here? you should have said politely at the time... otherwise, if there is a problem how can it be rectified if staff dont know?

02-Nov-10, 20:10
Was in for lunch during the mod, very busy, but staff were polite and efficient. Our starter was enough for a main course!

"If you are satisfied with the service provided tell everyone........if not please tell the management".

I would have reminded them politely about the soup tho

03-Nov-10, 18:12
This is one of my favourite cafes. I travel from Wick to go to it. Shame you were disappointed, I recommend it to everyone!