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31-Oct-10, 14:01
I didn't know it happened elswhere than Wick.


The night before Halloween, October 30th, has traditionally been a night of pranks and mischief in much of the Midwest and some of the northeastern United States, as well as some parts of Canada. Devil's Night in Detroit can probably be traced back to mid-1880s Ireland, where the night of mischief was originally attributed to fairies and goblins. In the United States, the holiday morphed into a night of soaping windows and toilet papering (a verb) trees. In other words, October 30th was the “trick” to Halloween’s “treat” and gave suburban kids a night of rebellion and anarchy.
Mischief on October 30th

Region to region, the night has different names, but the activities remain very much the same: ringing doorbells, egging cars, dumping rotten produce and setting a bag of poop on fire. Camden, New Jersey calls the holiday Mischief Night, while other parts of New Jersey call it Cabbage Night. Cincinnati, Ohio calls it Damage Night, while other parts of Ohio call it Beggar’s Night. In other regions of the United States, it is known as Doorbell Night, Trick Night, Corn Night, Tick-Tack Night and Goosey Night. In Canada, it is known as either Gate Night or Matt Night.

31-Oct-10, 14:12
Many cultures have a day like this. In rural nothern Portugal and northern Spain tradition is for young men to disguise themselves and play pranks on their neighbours during the night. Usually it is youngsters in their late teens and early 20's- always exclusively male. in holland their is a prank night as well, but I can't remember when.

31-Oct-10, 20:12
Seen the state of Detroit now? What was once one of the US most prosperous cities is now classed as the most ruined.

31-Oct-10, 20:28
Where I live in South Carolina, they were knocking over wheelie bins. I'm glad mine was nearly empty.