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30-Oct-10, 15:55
Hi folks,

Just to let anyone in the Wick area know we picked up a "runaway" this morning (whippet/lurcher/greyhound) on the main road in from Thurso which was running all over the road.

A lovely natured dark brown/black girl who was rather vocal in the car on the way to the police station and somewhat reminiscent of Flipper or Skippy without the clicking! My driving wasn't that bad, I promise!!! Even for a learner!

Hope very much that someone has been reunited with her, she seems to like people talking to her.

Anyway, she is in the police station at Wick awaiting collection, so hope she will be reunited with her owner very soon!

Best Regards,


30-Oct-10, 16:10
Well done for picking this girl up Olivia it probably saved her life.
I really hope she is just lost and not yet another dumped dog.
Moptop on the forum is the dog warden so I hope she can update us.

30-Oct-10, 16:43
Thank you! Hope she's not another dumped dog too! She looks very well cared for, with a lovely shiny coat. She was wearing a posh brown leather collar, so if that sounds familiar to anyone please get in touch with the Police.

Apparently the police keep dogs for one week and thereafter they go to the dog warden.

Don't know if she was chipped - there was no vet at the police station, but someone must be missing her!!!

If no-one claims her after one week she would have a loving home with us but in the immortal words of Judy Garland, there's no place like home!!

30-Oct-10, 17:17
Brilliant to hear you rescued this lurcher lady from a dangerous road.....hopefully her owners will come forward and take her home safely.
Well done.:)

30-Oct-10, 17:18
That is so kind of you to think of homing her too, I really do hope she is home soon, it sounds like someone will be missing her.

30-Oct-10, 18:40
Well done Olivia for rescuing her and so good of you to offer a home if her owner doesn't come forward.:D