View Full Version : Im hosting a quiz on sunday 15th of August

09-Aug-04, 19:40
Im hosting a quiz on sunday 15th August in the quizroom at 8:00 on the dot and im expecting a good attendence...cos i heard that at the last couple of quiz's hardly no1 turned up. [lol]

09-Aug-04, 19:44
well will ye look 'at the cheek o these bairnies coming in here an wanting till challenge us oldies!!!!!! [disgust]
Lets all turn up an show this young whippersnapper a thing or two [lol]

09-Aug-04, 21:52
Good luck! About time they came back I hosted the first one 3 years ago. was such a laugh

I hope to be there

13-Aug-04, 14:07
Thanx hope you can make it....i just hope enough ppl show up.... [lol]

Mr P Cannop
13-Aug-04, 14:59
I will be there @ 8.30 pm

13-Aug-04, 18:38
I remember, the quizzes used to be such fun... the lot o' us just havin' a laugh, and it didn't really matter if you won or lost, you still managed to have a good time!

Don't know if I will be there or not. Might be getting dragged out west. Hope y'all enjoy it!

13-Aug-04, 21:43
:D Hope to meet up with you all on sunday night.

14-Aug-04, 13:09
thanx for all ur replies hope u all can take part [lol]

16-Aug-04, 19:46
Well done Apocalypse,
a very good quiz. A pity more didn't turn up. and well done Acameron for winning.


17-Aug-04, 17:03
I hear you did a grand job, sorry I could n't make it but here's to the next time