View Full Version : World Cup Octopus Has Died

26-Oct-10, 22:12
Paul, the Psychic octopus who gave so many so much joy when predicting that Germany would defeat England in the World Cup, and who tipped all other games correctly by flexing his mussels from the appropriate box, has sadly passed away:-


Some will mourn, many will probably cheer in memory of him condemning their team to defeat.

RIP Paul, as the headline says, just like Rommel, he died in his tank!! ;)

26-Oct-10, 23:06
The smoking chimp, the big stag and now this. Sad times indeed.

26-Oct-10, 23:11
to be fair though, i think he seen it coming.


26-Oct-10, 23:21
The smoking chimp, the big stag and now this. Sad times indeed.

No into chimp meat, but hey Venison and calamaris, yummy [lol]

26-Oct-10, 23:32
No into chimp meat, /

Ach, Oven Chimps (http://www.bleeding-obvious.co.uk/archive1/ovenchimps/index.php) aren't too bad. ;)

26-Oct-10, 23:54
Paul the octopus released a statement yesterday saying 'I swear on my life that England will win the next World Cup'
(lol couldn't resist!!)

As ever Paul the Octopus was given two boxes to chose from today;
Mahogany with brass handles and velvet lining, or a shoe box

i feel sorry for poor paul the octopus.....
it's put a real damp squid on my day
so long sucker...:roll:

27-Oct-10, 03:05
Rommel didn't die in a tank!:roll:

27-Oct-10, 12:56
Rommel didn't die in a tank!:roll:

Err, it was just a joke, not a piece of historical writing. Certainly not worth rolling your eyes about!! Gee whizz.

Anyway, I maintain that this photo of Rommel in a tank, clearly shows he was already dead:-