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23-Oct-10, 17:01

I was wondering if anyone can tell me who is good at breaking in horses in Caithness and ruffly how much does it cost.

Thanks for any help

23-Oct-10, 18:13

Sarah and Shane Rogers at Cogle Farm, Quoybrae - absolutely fantastic...

PM if you want a number as don't want to put it online without telling them



23-Oct-10, 19:00
Sarah and Shane Rogers at Quoybrae have a really good reputation, they would be your best bet if you want a good job doing. :)

23-Oct-10, 19:17
hey as per you PM to me....

this is me riding the horse they broke for me at their yard....



23-Oct-10, 20:13
Id recommend Shane and Sarah too. Put my new horse to them recently because I was having problems with him - they got him going beautifully in no time.

23-Oct-10, 21:55
Though i've haven't needed to use them, just about everyone up here uses them with good results...!!!:D

24-Oct-10, 12:05
Thanks very much everyone. Thats what i was looking for. Does it depend on how long horse is there for cost or how does it work

29-Oct-10, 15:39
hi, my aunty had a 3 year old chestnut mare, and well you know what they say and chestnuts??? well she had no manners at all, used to kick and bite. we took her to sarah and shane who trained here up, and then helped us sell her :) they are so good that the new owner is now taking the horse back there to be broken. sarah and shane also helped us sell our 16hh ex race horse. they are GREAT! if i were you id go with them :)

29-Oct-10, 16:22
Thanks so much everyone for your help. I wanted someone that is realiable and knows what they are doing as the horse is for my young daughter. Think i will be giving Shane and Sarah a phone and see if they can help me out

Thanks again for all your help and advice