View Full Version : HomeFixIt?

20-Oct-10, 20:06
Hi there,

Just seen HomeFixIt on the business index and wondering about contacting them to get a couple of jobs done but wondered if anyone had any experience of their work first?

Thanks :D

20-Oct-10, 21:15
He's really good, but has a fair old waiting list cos lots of people think the same.

21-Oct-10, 18:35
Bob did the hanging of seven doors when we moved into our retirement flat in Thurso in April 2007.

He gave us a written estimate, promised to be on time (and was) and tidied up each night before he left, even though we weren`t living in the house and one big tidy up would have done.

The doors were heavy framed with one solid glass panel in each made to look like fifteen tiny ones. No two doorframes were the same size and some of them needed the architrave renewing. Bob got the wood at a very reasonable price, and no extra mark up of the price on the bill for his inconvenience. The fixtures and furniture were all perfectly aligned and we were delighted with the work which took place over three days to suit us both round other work Bob was doing at the time.

I would highly recommend Bob for any handyperson work, if you aren`t in a hurry to get it done.

Mr Lennie here also has a good reputation, Elizabeths in Brabster street now have a handyperson, not sure of the contact details for the latter but did see an advert in the local papers last week.