View Full Version : who's been sleeping in my bed.

17-Oct-10, 13:48
http://img207.imageshack.us/img207/8721/17thoct053.jpgcaitlin decided to clean our rabbit buster out today(he is an indoor rabbit), anyway she got it done and was about to start on the hamster cage, when i turned round and saw marley making himself comfy in busters cage lol, that pup will sleep anywhere lol, best thing was after she had got skippers done, he tried to climb into the base of his cage, but it was impossiable lol, so busters cage too small, skippers way to small, guess he will be sleeping on my bed for a while lol.

17-Oct-10, 14:46
Yep, something not quite right there! You're bunny has changed shape!!

Hehe, cute pic :)

17-Oct-10, 15:11
Brilliant...what a character, absolutely priceless [lol]