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03-Aug-04, 18:21
The local branch of Cats Protection made an appeal for volunteers on caithness.org recently and are VERY disappointed that we had no response at all!!!!

The branch is at present being run by only two or three volunteers and our secretary is resigning at the end of the month. If we cannot find a new secretary then the future of the branch is in jeopardy.
It would be a great shame if the branch had to close as we have rehomed hundreds of unwanted cats and kittens; helped those on low income with neutering costs and vets bills and trapped and neutered feral cats.

So PLEASE I would appeal to all of you who are concerned about the welfare of cats and kittens in Caithness to contact us. Even if you can only spare an hour or so a week your help would be much appreciated.
With all the businesses which are having to close please don't let a local charity be added to the list! :roll:

Our helpline no is 07050 073378 or you can pm me.


ps We also have cats and kittens in our care at present desperately in need of loving homes.

04-Aug-04, 09:46
I think you do an excellent job. Well done.

What kind of work would volunteers be doing?


04-Aug-04, 12:24
It is very rewarding work seeing unwanted cats and kittens find good homes.

Volunteer work ranges from fundraising (especially in the Thurso area);'trapping' stray cats and kittens;helpline;homechecking;and, as I said, we are in urgent need of a Secretary.

06-Aug-04, 13:01
A big thanks to those of you who have offered help. It is very much appreciated.

We will be having a meeting in the near future and I will contact everyone then.

In the meantime we are desperately looking for homes for cats and kittens.
This has been the worst year we have had for strays and at present we have almost thirty kittens and five cats in our care! :roll:

If anyone can offer a cat or kitten the loving home they deserve then please contact me.

Thanks! :D


06-Aug-04, 23:06
Liz, I know someone who was interested in homing a kitten.........or maybe even a cat.

Can you give us an idea of the ages of the cats and kittens in care?

If anyone is thinking about voulunteering to help with Cats Protection, I would recommmend it! It's very rewarding, and every minute you can spare will help. Even if people can only help out for a few hours each month, it's a huge help. Caithness is a large area, and it takes a lot of voulunteers to keep Cats Protection running.

07-Aug-04, 11:59
Hi Casper!

The kittens range in age from eight weeks and none of our cats are above three years of age.

Some of the kittens aren't ready to be homed yet but if anyone was interested they could go and see them.

We are desperately looking for a home for a cat who has been in our care since Easter. She will not be suitable as a 'house cat' so we are looking for someone with a croft, farm our outbuildings.

Our fosterers do a wonderful job looking after the cats and kittens but nothing compares with a loving home so I really hope people will be kind enough to help.
These cats and kittens are 'homeless' through no fault of their own.

This has been our busiest year so far and, at present, we have no room for any more cats so, unless we can find homes for the ones we have, we won't be able to help any other strays. :(

As Casper says it is very rewarding work but is really difficult, and time consuming, when there are only a few people to deal with it all.