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16-Oct-10, 10:58
ozzy sleeps in his large cage at nights which he loves!:)
but the problem i'm having is bedding.
i've had padded cushions, fleecy blankets, sheets allsorts for him but there is nothing that he wont eat!
it doesn't matter how many toys, bones or treats i give him, he eats his blanket!
but it seems cruel for him to be in the cage without one.
any suggestions?

Beat Bug
16-Oct-10, 11:15
How old is Ozzy? Max chewed everything when he was a puppy, until someone suggested leaving the radio on for him. He's now 11, and has long since stopped chewing things.

16-Oct-10, 11:17
he was born 14th jan so he's 9 months just now.

16-Oct-10, 12:46
I have a Tuffies bed in Benjy's cage and it is really tough (as the word would suggest) waterproof and sooooo comfy (well so Benjy tells me :D)

They will even make it to your measurements. It is not the cheapest bed but it lasts for a very long time.

I can't remember the email addy but will go and get it now..........

16-Oct-10, 12:50
I'm back!!! Well the email addy is http://www.tuffies.co.uk/products.asp#chewproof

I have been reading what they say and it seems it actually isn't chewproof. However, because of the material it's made from I don't think Ozzy would bother with it. It's not like a blanket or sheet he can 'sook'.

16-Oct-10, 16:33

These are great and I have mine padded with a folded duvet, so lovely and comfy...waterproof and unchewed....not too expensive either.:)

16-Oct-10, 18:58
Are these covers chew proof? My collies are the same (at 3 years old!) whatever bedding I give them they don't just chew they eat! Use to use vet bed but I'd start with a 36 x 36 piece and end up a few weeks later with a bit about 12 x 12 ! They have toys, chews, loads of exercise but still feel the need to eat their bedding! Have also tried anti chew spray to no avail!

16-Oct-10, 19:03
I had an avid chewer and shredder of every kind of dog bed, but these never fell foul of the gnashers. Many attempts were tried, but all failed and I would definately give these covers a try and with an old duvet inside are lovely soft and squishy. Great for muddy days too as you simply wipe them over.....the price is good too.:)

mop top
16-Oct-10, 19:18
Thanks Teeny bash i have just ordered a nice grey one just the thing for muddy big paw prints lol

16-Oct-10, 19:46
Thanks too Teenybash I've just ordered a large navy one.

16-Oct-10, 20:06
glad its not just ozzy lol
he eats all his bedding, will give them a look x

17-Oct-10, 22:00
Have ordered a large dark green one, if they don't chew it I'll order some more, the seller must be wondering why he's getting all these orders from people in Caithness!

17-Oct-10, 23:24
i finally found an old rug that spot would lay on and not chew! we tried duvets blanket bedding rugs, you name it.. nope nadda he ate everything.. finally came across an old blue rug that had been in sams room.. the only thing he dosent chew!