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14-Oct-10, 22:24

I have started a new little dog walking buisness around thurso area and i made a website via this occasion.

If you are interested in me walking your dog then please PM me.. I would advise you to looka t the website for further details about this.. on the webiste is my contact details, prices and more informationa bout what iw ill do with your dogs while on our enjoyable walk.

www.wix.com/ashleighellen/wagginnwalkin (http://www.wix.com/ashleighellen/wagginnwalkin)

thank you.x:D

15-Oct-10, 23:23
Nice website, Although you could always purchase your own domain name other than having wix.com you could have something like wagginnwalkin.org for about 5.
Then you could just create a frame to show your wix's page but with ought the url.

Just a suggestion.

16-Oct-10, 15:40
okay thanks.x ;)

18-Oct-10, 15:03
you can get a domain name from a provider such as www.123-reg.co.uk