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02-Aug-04, 23:33
Hey why is there no jokes forum despite there beng an option for it under Forums???

Surely we could russtle up enough humour between us to warrant a jokes forum?

Hey the BBC manage to broadcast theirs all day under the guise of real life!!

Mr P Cannop
03-Aug-04, 07:52
aye niell how about a jokes forum ??

19-Aug-04, 16:12
We used to have one 'cause I was in a joke telling phase ages ago and was blocking up the general forum methinks... oops! lol. At any rate, one day, I logged on and it was... gone! :confused

Will it be returning from the bahamas any time soon?

tides of pentland firth
11-Sep-04, 22:37
Here is the best joke i ever heard. It was probably just the person telling it that was funny. See wat you think:

A gorrila walks into a bar one day. He goes up to the barman and askes for a pint. The barman get worried so he says to the gorilla, "I'll be back in a minuit", and he runs up the stairs to his boss. "Boss. A gorrilla has just come in and he wants a pint". The Boss says, "Well charge him £23 for the pint". So the barman goes back down the stairs and gives the gorilla his pint and charges him £23. Now the barman and the gorrilla are talking, "We don't get many gorillas' in here" and the gorrila says, "Not with prices like those you wont.

Bad Dum Dum Tchsh!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: