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13-Oct-10, 16:39
Was in getting dog food and horses food today from geddes and could not believe the change in the shop. They have got new clothes section in for all age groups. came out with a little more than i barganed for.very reasonably priced too.

Incase you dont know where it is ormlie indust est up beside william wilson:)

13-Oct-10, 19:27
I was in geddes the other day and must agree with findam there was a big big change, lot of lovly clothes, thick and good to wash, and i must say that the sales girl (think its selena swanson from calder mini shetlands) was very helpful, also didnt have the size i wanted but did say she could have one in by the next day if i wanted which was great nothing was to much bother for her, and that is hard to find in young people now a days. Will be going again for definate

13-Oct-10, 19:34
:lol:Must agreee with the other 2 posts that Geddes has had a big make over (for the better) Great range of clothes for all ages even for the kiddies. Really warm cosy fleeces. Will be defo going there again and its great not having to go through to wick till get it.

Must fix a mistake though.........Its Caroline Swanson thats the sales assistant and not Selena.

Good job though and hope you keep busy