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12-Oct-10, 17:52
A friend of ours; in her 60's and with a disabled back had a delivery yesterday of two flat pack wardrobes.
Delivered by G & M Distribution.. a youngish lad and an older man each carried one each over their shoulder the 20 yards from the truck to her door.. upon asking where she wanted them, she asked if it was please possible to put them at the top of the stairs, as she had an injured back (this is a one and half storey cottage).. nope, can't be done, they say and left them leaning against the wall in her hall..
OK 'health and safety' I hear? how come they carried one each into the bleeding house in the first place?..
very unimpressed.. Mrs Beks went over later and carried them upstairs for our friend.. wonder who's more the 'man'? :~(

13-Oct-10, 21:27
Think you might find this is standard practice with a lot of delivery companies, most say they will only deliver to a ground floor room!

13-Oct-10, 21:37
They hit my fence last year and damaged it and neglected to mention it while at my door asking me to move the car cos they had gotten their lorry stuck in an entrance that was never meant for lorries, I did phone to complain but their manager never did call back about it.

13-Oct-10, 22:12
I have had to phone them on a couple of occasions the woman that answers the phone could most certainly do with a course on how to be a bit more polite. pingu

15-Oct-10, 06:47
She should phone up and complain about it.
Ok they might have rules in place for health and safety reason that there company makes them work to but in life with all rules there has to be a degree of sensibility in the decision to abide buy the rules or bend them if the special circumstances like a disabled or elderly person and thats why the driver is at fault in my opinion

27-Oct-10, 21:33
Our friend did contact Argos who used the delivery Company and has just had this:

"Thank you for your e-mail regarding the delivery of your order.

I am very sorry that your order was not delivered to room of your choice. We will endeavour to offer this service on all occasions, however at times the drivers may decline this service if there are any health and safety issue.

On this occasion I feel that this service should have been offered and I have arranged for your complaint to be investigated by our Transport Department who will discuss this with the delivery drivers internally.

Thank you for taking the time to feed back this information and please be assured that this is not the normal service we aim to offer."

28-Oct-10, 10:57
Sadly this is standard practice for some companies. I remember getting a very heavy item delivered by "Home Delivery" and i asked the man if he could just set it in the lobby so it was out the way of the front door and then hubby could deal with it later when he got home. He said no he wont go any further than the door.

I was over 20 weeks pregnant and it was quite clear, he handed me the item (refused to even put it down on the ground) and i near fell over backwards with the weight of it!

And yes i complained!

28-Oct-10, 12:26
Reading this post just made me wonder if different areas have different rules We were changing a cooker in our sons flat and needed a plumber to check that the gas was properly blanked off. He arrived bang on time removed the old cooker and installed the new one. He also took the old one down one flight of stairs to be collected by council. First class service would strongly recommend them for anyone in Edinburgh area. Half an hour later the cooker was gone someone is going to get a shock when it doesn't work!!!
Must say have never found G&MDistribution very helpful.

28-Oct-10, 18:26
Sadly this is standard practice for some companies.

I've dealt with many different carriers and drivers through my work - most of them are really good and can even get a bit of banter with them. Two I struggle to be civil to - one of which is a right lazy brute and seems to go out of his way to be awkward. I spoke to my boss about him and was informed that drivers are only obligated to get the item to outside the premises - to actually take it past the pavement is up to them [evil] (most are decent human beings, so will take it inside for you)

28-Oct-10, 20:16
Have had several deliveries from G&M and every time they are pathetic, they said they would call when they were in Thurso so i could pop home but no phone call and when i got home i had a slip saying i wasnt in GRRRRRRRRRRR. Phoned company, woman on the other end was a complete gobsh*te but eventually said another day to deliver items. The next day came and it wasnt delivered. This went on for a whole 2 weeks!!! Eventually phoned Argos and complained about their delivery service and got the p&p back in a cheque. all 5.95 of it....[evil]

Would definately NOT recommend G&M distributions.

28-Oct-10, 20:56
Had a cooker and washing machine delivered by them when I first moved up here. The men brought the washing machine in first,unpacked it and put it in place. They brought the cooker in and just left it in the middle of the kitchen floor. They then proceeded to sod off as quick as they could,leaving me to unpack said cooker only to discover a huge dent in the side of it. Phoned Argos who apologised and gave me 20% back as I said I don`t want to have to wait another 2 weeks for a replacement which could be damaged like the first one.