View Full Version : Garage Doors

27-Jul-06, 14:26
Does anyone know anyone who can provide and fit a roller door for a double width garage.

Bill Fernie
28-Jul-06, 01:07
I had SID Builders order one for me from a catalogue they had. It was delivered to them and then they fitted it - no problems.
See http://www.caithness-business.co.uk/business.php?id=1072

Only point about the roller door is it is very drafty as the roller at the top is not sealed off in any way. Maybe there are better models than the one we got. I am thinking about getting large brushes similar to the ones you get as draft excluders bu much larger to see if that will help.

The door works very well and is easy to open and close - better than our previous up and over that was often caught in the wind.