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07-Oct-10, 23:19
I picked up a Leaflet in Thurso Post Office about "Viking Garage" in Ormlie.

By what I read they sound very good and their Price is Excellent, ie 20 per hour and if they go over an Hour they only bill you for every 15 minutes and not just another full hour like most other Garages.

My Question is this. Has anyone used their services and would you recommend them? If not why not?

I must admit I am very tempted to get them to a wintercheck, to flush out the Radiator and fill with Anti-freeze, plus you get a battery Check and Tyre pressure check all for 27. Two years ago this same thing cost me 47.50.

So if anyone has anything to say, good or bad, I would like to read exactly what you think. :D

07-Oct-10, 23:32
Do a search of this section and you will see a number of recommendations for Viking motors.

wavy davy
08-Oct-10, 00:31
Why regurgitate their leaflet if all you want is opinion on how good or bad they are?

08-Oct-10, 11:45
I have used this garage and I am currently having work done on a vehicle that is a pet project of mine. These people are user friendly and you get to know at every stage what is happening. I can not say i have felt this comfortable with other garages. In fact i used a local garage in wick last year. I had to chase every thing even the bill. I like communication and good service and this is what i am getting. And no they are not personal friends i trusted the recommendation from the org. so michael and paula all the best for the future.

08-Oct-10, 16:45
Am happy to say I can absolutely recommend them - did a great (and inexpensive) job renewing my brake discs and pads, and were prompt about it too!

12-Oct-10, 20:20
Again used there service to transport our truck to Inverness. Excellent to work with turned up when said they would and not at all expensive. Would recommend their services.:Razz

25-Oct-10, 10:14
Thank you for the nice comments folks, glad we could help :)

kodiak, come down have a chat see what you think and how you feel :)

25-Oct-10, 12:15
Thanks for the invite Tugs I just might do that. My Son has been in with the Captain and I am sure you know him, you should know both of them, that is my Son and The Captain.

I now have The Duchess as a Car.

25-Oct-10, 17:57
ah i think i know who you mean ;) would be nice to meet you anyway even if you decide not to use us :)

25-Oct-10, 20:06
Whole heartedly recommended. Had my quad, bike, car and truck there and everything is always spot on !
Best garage I have used in 20 years !

28-Oct-10, 12:24
Just had problem with our car they have taken it back and will sort out the problem. Very quick coming out to house They will keep me info when they have sorted problem out. ;)