View Full Version : Lenstore (Contact Lenses)

05-Oct-10, 16:44
After buying my lenses from my Optician for years, I was recommended Lenstore.co.uk

It's top class - I get two packets of 30 daily lenses for a total of 22, sent out first class (normally gets to me within 24 hours)

Completely reliable, saves me an absolute fortune!

puffin croft
06-Oct-10, 13:21
yes,i use contactlenses.co.uk and i get 3 months of monthly lenses for 24 free postage and packing and it comes next day! even when i ve ordered after 3pm! i can t believe all the money i ve spent over the years at the optitions!

06-Oct-10, 19:25
Will need to have a look! I've been using a company based in the States. Contact lens prices in this country are shocking!

Tilly Teckel
12-Oct-10, 17:55
Lensway are pretty good and reasonable too!

12-Oct-10, 18:00
You want to try these: http://www.daysoftcontactlenses.com/ (http://www.daysoftcontactlenses.com/) very very reasonable and it's run by a Scot AND he invented Daily Disposables!