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04-Oct-10, 21:58
Through no fault of his own, a lovely 3 year old KC registered male Akita is requiring a new forever home. He has a black, silver and white colour as shown in pictures below.

Please contact 07903889615 or 07815188643 for and questions or to arrange a visit. Any potential new owners will be vetted to make sure they can give Inu the home he deserves.




We have two male Akita, Father Inu and his son Kaos. For the last year they have not been getting on and we have kept them separate to avoid disputes over dominance. I want to offer my dogs a care free life without the stress of conflict between them so have sadly decided that they would both be happier if one of them found a new home.

I have to admit Inu is my favourite dog and very much a mummy’s boy. I believe due to his fantastic personality he has a great chance of settling into a new home.

About Inu:

He is still a big puppy at heart and loves playing with chews and toys. He also loves his belly being rubbed.
Inu is a loving and playful dog that gets on well with strangers and children.
Inu easily gained Kennel Club Good Citizens Awards. He walks on the lead beautifully with no pulling and is very obedient.
Inu has no food issues whatsoever and is very careful with his mouth and teeth. Visitors always comment on how gentle our dogs are when being given food or treats.
When he is allowed Inu loves curling up like a cat at the bottom of our bed.
Inu loves the car and is used to travelling in the car daily. He would be the perfect companion for someone driving for a living and allowed to take their dog to work with them.
Inu prefers not to be left alone in the house for too long without company. He is happiest when he is curled up at your feet and loves to follow you around.
Akita’s will bark to warn you of strangers approaching the house or garden but Inu will stop and go and smell the stranger like any normal dog once you have told him to stop. He has never shown any aggression towards strangers.
Things to consider:

Inu has a thing about touching his feet. He will run away as soon as he sees the nail clippers. No aggression involved just a lot of avoidance.
Inu would like a nice secure high 7 to 8 foot fenced yard to play in when your not there. Before we got the fence he was an excellent escape artist but never ever ventured very far away from home.
Inu is a big dog roughly the size of a large Labrador and therefore care needs to be taken when playing with children. He could easily accidently knock a child over while running for toys.
Akita’s need exercise like any dog but not as much as energetic dogs like Labrador, collie or spaniel.
Inu loves chasing cats and small animals like wild rabbits so he should preferably go to a house with no small animals.
Inu would love the company of a female or older non dominant male dog. He would NOT like to live with a dominant or non neutered male as this is what he is trying to get away from.
Care should also be taken when introducing Inu to other dogs. He does not care for other dogs showing dominance and will not back down from a fight if attacked.

04-Oct-10, 22:53
He is beautiful, I hope you find a lovely home for him.

05-Oct-10, 13:07
He is gorgeous, and its nice to see an owner acting responsibily and trying to rehome one of 2 seemingly dominant dogs before there is a nasty outcome.
Hope you find a lovely, knowledgable,forever home for this handsome boy. :)

05-Oct-10, 21:12
Thank you. He really is a lovely well natured boy. It has taken me months to put up a message. Not everyone will agree but to me its like choosing between two children. I will be devastated when Inu goes.

It was getting to hard to keep the two dogs separated and we were having to split our time with the dogs which is not fair on them.

I really hope Inu finds someone that loves him as much as I do.

05-Oct-10, 22:25
I really feel for you as it's obvious how much you love Inu.:~(

Although I know it will break your heart I truly hope you will find a home for him which you will be happy with and be able to keep in touch to see how he is doing.

Good luck!

06-Oct-10, 16:33
Hope you find Inu a lovely new home xx

06-Oct-10, 19:12
I have Inus daughter, and she is gorgeous.. They are the best dogs ever, wouldnt have another breed of dogs, and she adores my 2 children.. Altho they are very protective, they are so clever + loving dogs.. I would love to take Inu.. but OH wont allow me :(

Whoever takes Inu, will not find another dog from such a loved home..

07-Oct-10, 16:37
Thanks Karen and Donna.

Not had much luck so far but I know the right person or family will come along.

He has been such a little petted lump this last few days he must know I am feeling guilty.

24-Oct-10, 00:05
Bump. Inu still needs a loving home

Sorry for delay I have been working away from home so a bit slow in replying.

Heather - I have sent you a pm.