View Full Version : Upper Deck

04-Oct-10, 13:58
Went to the Upper Deck for our anniversary at the weekend, I must say it was one of the nicest meals we have had in a long time. Everything was first class.
Will definitely be going back again.

04-Oct-10, 14:06
Yep, have been there 4 times in the last few months and only thing I can fault them for is being a bit stingy on the sweet portions! However, as many will know, I'm a glutton for puddings so my waistline can only say Thank You!

04-Oct-10, 16:47
We had a super meal there last month with the kids aswell was really very nice

04-Oct-10, 19:34
Mmm steak - think I'll give it a try next week, not been in years!