View Full Version : Help with ideas for Christmas present for 4 year old grandson!

Beat Bug
03-Oct-10, 22:44
Our 4 year old grandson is very destructive. (Just like his Dad was!) We're stuck on what to get him for Christmas, as what he doesn't chew he breaks. Other than that, he's a very intelligent and loving boy. All ideas gratefully considered!

04-Oct-10, 08:30
Kid Knex are absolutely fantastic - and sound like they'd suit your grandson to a T. You can get them in most toys stores, Toys R Us, Argos etc.

They have various "themes" which might suit a particular interest, but a big starting bucket would maybe be your best bet.


Hope this helps

04-Oct-10, 08:59
I totally agree with the above comment!!!Something like lego mite be good 2 altho may the bits might be a bit small considering your grandson like putting things in his mouth :s!! Its up to you!

04-Oct-10, 10:40
yeah would agree aswell, my son is 4 & loves that stuff

04-Oct-10, 11:41
A tool set?
My nephew loved his, it had real tools in it.....my sister was not too happy by the sweeping brush handle being reduced to about 10" though!
Cars, tractors, garage, trainset or scalectric stuff?
Brio do a nice chunky wooden trainset that bits can be added to over time!
Or what about the noisy toys mum and dad woulnt get for him..im still cursing an auntie for getting Lauren a barbie toy electric guitar..she loves it..
Or messy toys like playdoh..and painting stuff

04-Oct-10, 13:22
Thomas the Tank Engine was a big favourite with both my boys around that age. You can get wooden or metal engines, carry-sets, and even up to those big train tables. Something for every price range and they stood up well to my two (we passed them on to a friends little boy who then passed them on again).

mums angels
04-Oct-10, 15:01
Depending on your budget why not the new buzz lightyear , the one for 49,99 is great , we bought it for my 5 year old birthday and he just loves it and when his two year old sister drops/throws it its stays intcact ( mostly ) the wings come off but they clip back on and are very durable .

04-Oct-10, 15:03
A didicar would be a good idea, they are brilliant fun. Amazon usually have them at a good price.


Beat Bug
04-Oct-10, 18:51
Thank you all very much for your suggestions and links. Once I know what he already has, I'll know what to look for!