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02-Oct-10, 22:56
my lovely cat cj is 19 yrs old and pretty poorly rite now i thing her life is comming to a end it breaks my heart she was only 6 weeks when i got her and could sit in your hand , she is not really eating she is drinking pently and her tummy is swollen she is no opening her bowels and what she does do is hard , am going to take her to the vets on monday and see what he says , but in my heart i think i already know , i may be wrong and i will do anything for her but i cannot see her suffer xx

02-Oct-10, 23:03
My thoughts are with you...I hope you lovely cat is alright ....... Hugs to you both.

02-Oct-10, 23:19
Aw I am so very sorry. I know exactly how you are feeling and my heart goes out to you.:~(

Here's hoping though that it isn't anything sinister and she will make a good recovery. It could just be very bad constipation?

If you think she is in pain don't hesitate to call the Vets tomorrow. Thinking of you. xx

03-Oct-10, 14:44
I do not think she is in any pain , she has eaten alittle again today i hope it is nothing serious trouble is she is so old for a cat 19 is very old but i will keep everything crossed just not going to get my hopes up will let you all know tomorrow when she has been to vets xxxxxxxxxx

03-Oct-10, 18:05
Glad to hear she has eaten. Really hope you get good news tomorrow. x

03-Oct-10, 19:33
Will be thinking of you and your "bairn" tomorrow purplelady !

God willing she may get over this and live happily with you for some years yet XX

All the very best and will, along with many others from Pet's Corner, be awaiting news of a happy outcome....

04-Oct-10, 19:01
She didnt make it.....
Her heart and kidneys were failing and purplelady had to have her pts.
There is a New thread rip cj....
Just incase amyone asks how she is on this thread......