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25-Jul-06, 13:57
My AVG virus checker has detected a trojan called "Spyware Sheriff". It has put it in some folder but I cannot remove it. Can anyone help, Im not much of a techy person, but I was told this might be serious.

Thank you

25-Jul-06, 18:23
Microsoft (sounds like a small squishy cheese, doesn't it!) is now running an on line health check - full screening recommended. It takes a while, even on BB, but is worth it. It found 2 viruses and 1 trojan that my regular checks had missed. Also checks for weaknesses in your on-line security and gives you a final report. Impressed!:D

25-Jul-06, 20:24
Hi Jayare,

Wikipedia has a section about this pest. See here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spysheriff)
This page also includes a removal instructions and tool. Let me know how you get on.