View Full Version : J & JM Shearer, Victoria Place, Wick

01-Oct-10, 07:43
Hi Everyone

I was recently down at this shop for some help with a bit of wood!! I have to admit, I hadn't been there in a long time (due to some other stores in the town :() but, I have to say, I will certainly make this shop my first port of call when needing anything DIY/hardware.

The layout of the shop is brilliant. The prices may not be able to match other shops on some things, but, there are bargains to be had and the staff (both counter and joiner) are superb and will bend over backwards to help you.

So, come one folks, if you haven't been in Shearers for a while, please go and have a look. It is a local shop and a blinkin' good one at that :)

01-Oct-10, 07:52
Couldn't agree more. They also run a fantastic Picture Framing service. I visited 2 other shops - in both Wick and Thurso - To see about getting some needlework framed earlier this year, and was told by both that they couldn't look at it for a month to 6 weeks - this was after going back to them numerous times until i found them 'open'.
Tried Shearers, and they had the job done in 4 days (i needed it done by that weekend - not very organised i know) In that time they'd also realised they had run out of the mount I'd chosen, so called me to discuss, and shop staff chose me a lovely alternative, and put the picture together beautifully in a really nice frame.
Was delighted with both the service and the end result. Would definately recommend them over other places.