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29-Sep-10, 21:55
I'm now getting to work on www.lybster.org.uk (http://www.lybster.org.uk/)

The intention is to build it into a website to promote tourism for the village and surrounding areas. Also available to help community groups & organisations if they require any web presence or promotion, free of charge.

Also free basic listings for B&B's, Guesthouses, Hotels and any other business that wishes to be listed. Advertising from 5.00 so very affordable, income is to be used on further promotion & marketing of the site.

Further advertising including subdomains (mini websites) available, more info here (http://www.lybster.org.uk/ldocharges.pdf).

Content welcome too, have you anything related to Lybster that may be of interest, articles, history, photo's etc.

If you want more info' please either PM me, contact through the site or email me at phill@phillrawlins.co.uk

29-Sep-10, 22:09
Just had a peek at your www. Looks like it will be an interesting an informative site.

Good luck.:)

29-Sep-10, 23:32
Cheers Shazzap, there's a lot of work to do though.

29-Sep-10, 23:33
Will be interested, i like Lybster.