View Full Version : fifa 11

29-Sep-10, 20:38
who all here will be purchasing this .would be good to get a local online league going

im behind you
30-Sep-10, 12:16
im getting it but not sure if tesco is staying open till after 12 so i can go up and get it. if not first thing in the morn it will be. i notice in the paper they are doing it for 25 if bought with another top 10 title.but the game should work out cheaper just by itself.and asda is doing it for 97p with a trade in on sellected games.

01-Oct-10, 01:53
Let me know what like.

I've always been a pro evo buyer but might be tempted....

10-Oct-10, 19:25
the game is brilliant ,well worth a look

The Flea
12-Oct-10, 13:51
I'd be up for a league