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29-Sep-10, 15:29
Crystalline Sanctuary is pleased to announce that crystal healing appointments are now being taken for mid october onwards. An introductory offer of 15 for new clients is on offer. (The usual price of 30 per crystal healing therapy and 40 for crystal keys therapy resumes after this).

For more information on crystal healing and the therapies offered by Crystalline Sanctuary please visit www.crystalline-sanctuary.co.uk (http://www.crystalline-sanctuary.co.uk).

To book an appointment please contact Karen on 07525 936 334.

Angel Workshops, Aura Soma workshops and Crystal Skull workshops will be run in the Spring of 2011. If you are interested in any of these workshops then please register your interest at info@crystalline-sanctuary.co.uk. Prices and dates will be released early next year.

29-Sep-10, 15:50
Is this what you pay people that turn up or make an appointment ??. :roll: