View Full Version : chat room help

24-Jul-06, 07:23
I have registered for the chatroom but I have no password.
I assumed the registeriing software would send me a password but it has not done so yet.
I may have made the mistake of asking it to send it to my yahoo rather than my home account.
Any help would be great.


24-Jul-06, 08:26
HI, Tristan.

You didn't sy how long ago you applied. I think mine took a couple of days to come through and that was to my ISP mail account. If you still don't receive anything then contact the webmaster - Niall Ferney.

PS Don't forget, he likes a weekend off like the rest of us. ;)

24-Jul-06, 08:39
Thanks. I applied last night so I will leave it a couple of days and wait and see what happens.