View Full Version : Local Band Confirmed..........

23-Jul-04, 18:47
The local band going on to the finale of the Battle of the Bands at Madhatters in inverness are....... ESTRELLA . Stll showing that small town bands can still rock hard/harder than big city rockers.

24-Jul-04, 01:40
once you've got some tunes recorded let me know... i wanna hear them

24-Jul-04, 15:04
Will do man.

24-Jul-04, 15:33
Good luck with the competion. Battle of the bands events are still a good way to get out and play in front of like minded souls. For our gig together on Aug 24th, I have your numbers and will give you a bell nearer the time to sort out everything, but effectively you can use the bulk of our gear etc as we'll have it with us. I'm looking forward to it. Mark - Head Hung Low www.headhunglow.co.uk

25-Jul-04, 01:09
Cheers for the support Mark. And we can't wait for the gig on August 24th, hope to make the best yet. once again cheers.