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25-Sep-10, 23:12
I was wondering whether anyone has seen this and, if so, what do you think of it?

I've just joined LoveFilm and can't decide whether to add this to my rental list. Wasn't terribly impressed by the trailer.:confused

26-Sep-10, 11:06
Hi Liz i actually have the movie on my laptop here and to be honest i didnt think much of the movie at all, the ending was poor and it's not as exciting as i thought it would be at all, the computer games are 100 times better and more enjoyable than the film and thats putting it nicely lol

26-Sep-10, 12:51
Cheers Billy!

I usually know from the trailer whether I will like it and,as I said, wasn't impressed.

27-Sep-10, 10:49
I found it boring (fell asleep half way through...)

27-Sep-10, 19:00
hey ya thats not a problem Liz, i have seen the trailers and thought it looked good but hey my brother gave me an external hard drive for my netbook for me to watch movies and believe me it is definitely filled with movies lol my other brother is sending me up iron man 2 and various other movies which isnt out in the cinema's yet so hopefully i'll get to see that when it arrives this week sometime,

27-Sep-10, 19:13
I love films as well Billy and have just signed up with LoveFilm so have lots of new films reserved including Iron Man 2.

I have the first Iron Man film to watch first though. Sunday afternoon is movie time for me.:D

I love all kinds of films from Disney to adventure.

28-Sep-10, 01:33
sent you a couple of pm's Liz can you let me know if you got them ok or that thanks

28-Sep-10, 12:46
Yes just sent you a reply.:D