View Full Version : Viking motors - excellent service - great prices

23-Sep-10, 15:45
Just a short note to say a big thank you to Paula (Tugmistress) and Michael at Viking Motors (http://www.vikingmotors-thurso.co.uk/) they have just carried out work on my car for an MOT which I was quoted over 500 for elsewhere for the princely sum of 162, and I cannot fault anything they have done. (Four hours labour quoted elsewhere actually completed in 2! and a much better hourly rate.) :)

Thanks guys, you work has saved the holiday we have been planning down to Cornwall, which looked in jeapordy due to the amount we thought we were going to have to pay out.

23-Sep-10, 16:57
That sounds like a really good deal Nick. Hope the holidays goes well and no motoring nightmares. Good garages are like gold-dust....... and should be treasured.

23-Sep-10, 19:40
Glad to help Nick, hope the holiday goes well and you all have a great time :D

24-Sep-10, 18:43
were about is this garage

24-Sep-10, 19:17
Ormlie, up by the taxi office

24-Sep-10, 20:28
Easiest description is turn up opposite the college past all star factory (or what's left of it) then on your right we are next door to home aid through the black gates :) if you have sat nav the post code is KW14 7QU