View Full Version : stray dog

22-Sep-10, 18:39
for 2 days now there has been a collie type dog running scared in the newlands of clyth/camster road area,:(:(all attempts to try and catch the poor dog have failed as so timid and just legs it whenever you try to approach it won't even come to food or another dog-it sounds like it has a collar on and is mainly black with white chest and jaw rough coated and scared so please if you know who he/ she may belong to then get in touch and hopefully we can get him/her safely home:)

22-Sep-10, 19:03
Have you contacted the dog warden?

She is very experienced at catching frightened dogs. Sounds like a trap may be the only way to catch the poor dog.
Really hope an owner comes forward soon or the poor thing is caught.

Well done for helping the poor mite.

22-Sep-10, 20:00
i am pleased to say owner located and it appears to be a 'naughty' local dog caught wind of a bitch on heat at wants at her!!